The 2016 Election: Sexism and the Failure of Men on the Left

I trusted the polls because I believed that men on the Left were with us in this struggle, but in the end, too many left us to vote for a racist, sexist, xenophobic, hyper-masculine demagogue. This was not a victory on the Right, but a failure of the Left.

How Survivor Activists Changed the 2016 Presidential Election

This new awakening did not happen overnight, it did not happen for everyone, and our country still has a long way to go to truly reform our rape culture. But it is fair to say that survivor activists have made electoral politics a hostile environment for sexual predators.

Unwanted Sex

Over the course of their lifetime, girls and women have a lot of unwanted sex. The term “unwanted sex” is used in many different ways. I’m using it to refer to sexual activities that are seemingly consensual but unwanted. It is so common that in a recent study of sexual pleasure, researchers changed their focus… Continue reading Unwanted Sex

Panicked About a Trump Win? Relax, and vote.

Many of my progressive friends are panicking about the possibility of Donald Trump winning the White House. This post lays out why Hillary Clinton is heavily favored to win in November. I begin with an overview of the data and then respond to three questions that were recently posed by my skeptical Grandma Lois. The Odds are… Continue reading Panicked About a Trump Win? Relax, and vote.

How to Spot Sexual Objectification: The CHIPS Test

The CHIPS Test is an easy way to identify sexual objectification. If the answer is “yes” to any of the following questions, the image you are looking at is sexually objectifying. 1) Commodity: Does the image show a sexualized person as a commodity, for example, as something that can be bought and sold? 2) Harmed: Does the… Continue reading How to Spot Sexual Objectification: The CHIPS Test

Retracting the Retraction: Occidental College, The Los Angeles Times, and the Firing of Jason Felch

The Los Angeles Times did not perform due diligence in their investigation of the numbers, and they never should have issued a retraction. Felch had incontrovertible evidence that the College did not include anonymous cases in their 2012 ASR and had verification that the college could not lawfully account for 27 missing cases.

Football Star Lawrence Taylor Gets Off Again

Never mind that Cristina Fierro was 16 years old. Never mind that she had been beaten by her trafficker, with fresh marks on her face, and was in a state of panic. Football Hall of Famer, Lawrence Taylor paid $300 to have sex with the teen, then twirled the used condom over his head like a… Continue reading Football Star Lawrence Taylor Gets Off Again

Explaining Sexism 101 to Ali Velshi

I don’t want to be writing this post. I was hoping this Labor Day would truly be free of labor, but I woke up to another dismissive Tweet from CNN Senior Business Correspondent Ali Velshi that compels comment. I’ve always enjoyed and respected Mr. Velshi’s analysis, but was unpleasantly surprised yesterday by his response to Mitt Romney’s claim… Continue reading Explaining Sexism 101 to Ali Velshi