The Trial: Cosby in Handcuffs

On my way to the airport from Bill Cosby sentencing, my Uber driver, Sarah, asked me why the Cosby survivors waited so long to come forward. After a night of celebrating the sweet justice delivered for Andrea Constand and 61 other Cosby survivors, Sarah abruptly brought me back to the reality that rape culture dies… Continue reading The Trial: Cosby in Handcuffs

Bill Cosby’s Legal Defense was a Case Study in Rape Culture

This article was originally published in Vox  “Why would any rape survivor ever go to court?” A wide-eyed Lili Bernard whispered this question to me during the opening statements in Bill Cosby’s criminal trial last week. Bernard is one of the 60 women who have come forward to allege sexual violence at the hands of Cosby. She has experienced… Continue reading Bill Cosby’s Legal Defense was a Case Study in Rape Culture

How Survivor Activists Changed the 2016 Presidential Election

This new awakening did not happen overnight, it did not happen for everyone, and our country still has a long way to go to truly reform our rape culture. But it is fair to say that survivor activists have made electoral politics a hostile environment for sexual predators.

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