#MeToo: What to Expect as a Public Survivor

Sexual violence is a global epidemic that is finally receiving the public attention it deserves, courtesy of celebrity predators, social media, and a growing number of people who are brave enough to be angry in public. The popular #MeToo campaign took off four weeks ago, and since that time, tens of thousands of sexual assault survivors have “gone… Continue reading #MeToo: What to Expect as a Public Survivor

How Survivor Activists Changed the 2016 Presidential Election

This new awakening did not happen overnight, it did not happen for everyone, and our country still has a long way to go to truly reform our rape culture. But it is fair to say that survivor activists have made electoral politics a hostile environment for sexual predators.

Unwanted Sex

Over the course of their lifetime, girls and women have a lot of unwanted sex. The term “unwanted sex” is used in many different ways. I’m using it to refer to sexual activities that are seemingly consensual but unwanted. It is so common that in a recent study of sexual pleasure, researchers changed their focus… Continue reading Unwanted Sex

Thirty Years of Failed Presidential Leadership on Campus Rape

College administrators have known about the campus rape problem for three decades, and they have been mandated to address it for two decades, why has so little been done? The answer is failed presidential leadership. Karen Barnett first documented the campus rape problem in her 1982 article “Date Rape” in Ms. magazine, and Ms. published… Continue reading Thirty Years of Failed Presidential Leadership on Campus Rape

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