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My TED Talk on the Lie that Sexy = Empowering

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[…] How to Stop Ojectification of Women. […]

[…] Here,  one of the people who appears in “Miss Representation,” Carolin Heldman, gives a TED talk to a youth audience about how  the perception that looking sexy gives you power. She posted it on her blog. You might also be interested to see the kinds of topics she addresses on her blog and twitter. Her “Curriculum Vita” (a fancy, academic way of saying “resume”) tab also provides a list of her published articles, chapters, books and contributions—some of which are a short google away from being available for you to read. […]

[…] All of my favorite things. If you want to know more about sexual objectification, I just watched a great TED talk by Caroline Heldman that explains it very well. I don’t think I quite understand objectification until I watched […]

[…] this video about the ‘sexy lie’ a few day ago. It’s a great presentation by Caroline Heldman about the effects of objectification. I’ve recently also read a book about ‘erotic capital’ for a bit of light […]

[…] want to remind myself  how often we objectify ourselves so that I don’t become […]

[…] found Professor Caroline Heldman’s TED presentation, The Lie that Sexy is Empowering, insightful and agree with many of the points.  I agree that there are negative effects on women […]

[…] 13-minute video below is a Ted Talk given by SocImages contributor Caroline Heldman.  The aim is to define sexual objectification, […]

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