Rape in a Small Texas Town: Football, Family, and Politics

“Let’s just say, I don’t know a little girl who didn’t lie to her daddy.”

Was the Shooting of Giffords a Hate Crime?

Although Jared Lee Loughner’s attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords raised many questions about how the polarized political environment may have motivated this mentally disturbed young man, one aspect of the Tucson massacre that has received little attention is misogyny. Loughner left behind several notes, including one that read “die bitch”–a gender slur that implies Giffords… Continue reading Was the Shooting of Giffords a Hate Crime?

“Racist Pussy”: Gender Slurs from the Left

Gender slurs operate like racial slurs in that they are sex-specific put-downs…My biggest disappointment on the left is Jon Stewart, the host of the super-funny and informative The Daily Show. He uses “pussy” and “bitch” with some frequency, and mixes in misogynistic remarks with otherwise sharp political analysis.

Getting it From All Sides

I recently wrote a piece about Bristol Palin and single parenthood for Ms. Blog last week that Bitch Magazine boiled down to: “The Ms. blog thinks we should be voting for Bristol Palin because she’s a single teen mom. We think that’s ridiculous. You?”  I contributed more than I could afford to Bitch Magazine a few years ago when… Continue reading Getting it From All Sides

Where are the Feminists for Bristol Palin?

Nineteen-year-old Bristol Palin is back in the media spotlight now that she has joined the cast of this season’s Dancing With The Stars, and once again she’s being ridiculed for being a teen mother. Witness her recent interview with Jay Leno: Bristol: “Well, I expected [Dancing With the Stars] to be hard work, but I’m… Continue reading Where are the Feminists for Bristol Palin?

The Truths of Katrina

It’s been five years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, and the average American knows almost nothing about the atrocities that occurred in New Orleans: political corruption and abuse; disaster profiteering; overt racism; and murder.

Race and the Red River Tragedy

Two things jump out about the Red River incident. First, it fits with a startling statistic that 70% of black children have no or low swimming ability — nearly twice the number of white children. Secondly, nobody is hailing the six teens who lost their lives trying to save their friend/cousin as heros, despite the fact that they jumped in after Warner, risking their lives to save his.

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