On Women Developing a Capacity for Violence

Women everywhere developing a capacity for violence does not mean we can prevent all violence, or that we can always effectively defend against it. But it does mean that we are better prepared for it when it comes.

The Origins of the #MeToo Movement

Acknowledging the work of earlier activists also means acknowledging that we have been here many times before, and, despite these efforts, we have yet to effectively extinguish sexual harassment/violence in our culture.

#MeToo: What to Expect as a Public Survivor

Sexual violence is a global epidemic that is finally receiving the public attention it deserves, courtesy of celebrity predators, social media, and a growing number of people who are brave enough to be angry in public. The popular #MeToo campaign took off four weeks ago, and since that time, tens of thousands of sexual assault survivors have “gone… Continue reading #MeToo: What to Expect as a Public Survivor

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