A Powerful Veep Audition for GOP Governor Nikki Haley

With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarded as the likely Democratic presidential nominee, 2016 is an election year where gender matters. Haley’s rebuttal looks like a test for the GOP vice presidential slot, particularly because she hails from the first Southern state to hold a presidential primary, on Feb. 20. As a person of… Continue reading A Powerful Veep Audition for GOP Governor Nikki Haley

The Hypocrisy of Newsweek

South Carolina gubernatorial candidate, Nikki Haley, is featured on the cover of the current Newsweek that includes two whole articles about women in politics (!) But despite decades of research showing that reporters disproportionately sexualize female candidates in ways that diminish their candidacies, even reputable publications like Newsweek continue this tired trend. My research shows that female reporters… Continue reading The Hypocrisy of Newsweek

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