Campus Rape: Why Colleges Won’t (Really) Address Rape Culture

By Caroline Heldman and Baillee Brown, crossposted at Ms. Blog. One in five women and 6 percent of men will face sexual assault/rape during their time in college. But no college in the U.S. has come up with a plan to effectively shift rape culture on their campus. It’s not an impossible task, but it is… Continue reading Campus Rape: Why Colleges Won’t (Really) Address Rape Culture

Campus Rape: The Second Wave of the Backlash Against Anti-Rape Activism

Much like the backlash of the 1980s and ’90s, today’s rape apologia comes in four distinct, but interconnected, forms: denying the problem exists, blaming the victim, vilifying whistleblowers and turning perpetrators into victims. Below, we outline the ways in which conservative backlashers are attempting to undermine the work of anti-rape activists—and, thankfully, how they’re failing.

Campus Rape: A Brief History of Sexual Violence Activism in the U.S.

The new campus anti-rape movement is the latest effort in a longstanding struggle against sexual violence in the U.S. that African-American women initiated more than a century ago.

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