Selected Works from Dr. Caroline

Sex and Gender in the 2016 Presidential Election (with Meredith Conroy and Alissa Ackerman), forthcoming with Praeger.

The New Campus Anti-Rape Movement: Internet Activism for Social Justice (with Alissa Ackerman and Ian Breckenridge-Jackson), forthcoming with Lexington Books.

“Hidden Corporate Profits in the U.S. Prison System: An Analysis of the American Legislative Exchange Council” (with Rebecca Cooper, Alissa Ackerman, and Victoria Farrar-     Meyers),  Contemporary Justice Review, 19(3): 380-400.

“’Hot, Black Leather, Whip’: The (D)evolution of Female Protagonists in Action Cinema, 1960 – 2014” (with Laura Frankel and Jennifer Holmes), Sexualization, Media & Society, 2(2).

She’s White and She’s Hot, So She Can’t Be Guilty”: Female Offenders, Penal Spectatorship, and White Protectionism” (with Danielle Dirks and Emma Zacks). Criminal Justice Review, 18(2).

“From Ferraro to Palin: Sexism in Coverage of Vice Presidential Candidates in Old and New Media.” (with Meredith Conroy, Sarah Oliver, and Ian Breckenridge-Jackson). Politics, Groups, and Identities, 3(2).

“Sexualizing Sarah Palin: The Social and Political Context of the Sexual Objectification of Female Candidates” (with Lisa Wade). Sex Roles, 65 (3-4).

“Hookup Culture: Setting a New Research Agenda” (with Lisa Wade). Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 7(4).

 “Self Interest, Symbolic Attitudes, and Support for Public Policy: A Multilevel Analysis.” (with Rick Lau). Political Psychology, 30(4).

“‘She Brought Only a Skirt’: Print Media Coverage of Elizabeth Dole’s Bid for the Republican Presidential Nomination” (with Sue Carroll and Stephanie Olson). Political Communication, 22(3).
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