Thanks, Trump

2017 has been a doozy of a year. The election of Donald Trump, with assistance from a hostile foreign power and sexism, has gifted the globe a weekly whiplash ride of narcissistic tantrums and policies that harm the middle-class, immigrants, refugees, transgender people, sexual assault survivors, people of color, poor kids, people with disabilities, and all living beings. Trump was “elected” by just 19.5% percent of the population and has the lowest first-year approval rating of any president, but this hasn’t stopped him from engaging in tyranny of the minority by passing wildly unpopular policies.

But in his toddler wake, Trump has given us some special gifts. I am personally thankful to Trump for the following things, inspired by his presidency:

Last but not least, Trump has brought millions of thoughtful Americans together, and #TheResistance is at its strongest point since the election. While it’s depressing to see one-in-three Americans continue to support a man who is actively eroding our democracy, Trump has awoken millions of patriots, and we will be heard in 2018.

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