5 Rape Myths from Cosby Jurors

The following comments from the mouths of Cosby jurors are brought to you courtesy of rape culture.


Rape Myth #1: Rape is Just a Matter of Interpretation (The Gray Rape Myth)

“It was a classic he said, she said.” (Alternate Juror #14, young black man)

No, it wasn’t. First off, Andrea Constand and Kelly Johnson both testified that Cosby raped them, so at the very least, it’s a “he said, she said, she said.”

Furthermore, Cosby admitted to purchasing Quaaludes to give to young women, admitted to giving Andrea pills that he uses to put himself to sleep, admitted that he lied to her about the nature of the pills, and admitted that he penetrated her. That’s “he said” that he engaged in rape. It’s high time we start believing men who say that they have drugged and sexually assaulted women.


Rape Myth #2: Women Lie About Rape

“He openly admitted he gave them pills, almost incriminated himself. But very, very honest from his side. You could believe from his testimony what he did, but not from hers.” (Anonymous Juror, elderly white man)

Where to begin here. This juror is espousing the myth that women often lie about rape. He is literally saying that he believes Cosby’s words that he raped Constand, but not Constand’s words that she was raped. Mental gymnastics are hard!


Rape Myth #3: Clothing Causes Rape

“Bill Cosby invites her to his house, and she arrives, in a bare midriff…that’s a question.” (Anonymous Juror, elderly white man)

No, it is not a fucking question. It’s 2017. How are we still blaming clothing for rape instead of rapists?


Rape Myth #4: Waiting to Report a Rape Means it Didn’t Happen

“40 to 60 women…I don’t think he ever actually went on to rape any of them. I don’t understand if you’re assaulted why you wait one year or 40 years.”

In Constand’s case, she waited just one year to report her rape, but waiting to report does not mean it didn’t happen. More often than not, survivors never report their rape because of people like this juror who hold rape myths that make reporting an exercise in futility and victim-blaming.


Rape Myth #5: Rape Is Not a Real Crime

It would be a “waste of money” to prosecute again. “This man — this has already cost him his career … He’s paid.” (Anonymous Juror, elderly white man)

In short, this man believes that Cosby raped Constand, but believes that Cosby should not be held accountable for his felonious actions in a court of law.


Comments from these jurors confirm that the Rape Myth Defense works. All you need is one (or in the case of the Cosby trial, two) people who are ignorant enough to fall for it.





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