Support Young Voices in Indy Media

Almost half of the world’s population is younger than 25 years old, and it seems like everyone is talking about the Millennials but not talking to them.  And it is even rarer that we hear from them.  The generation gap is not a new concept, but when media reduce the multitudinous experiences of an entire generation to social media and laziness, it is high time they be included in the conversation.  We all benefit from politically-minded, active, and knowledgeable youth who understand the forces that shape politics and media and know how to articulate and fight for what they believe in.

A group of young activists, organizers, and writers are elevating the voices of passionate, educated young people through an innovative new youth-led independent media project called {Young}ist.  While the site hasn’t officially launched, they’ve already begun publishing pithy political and critical analysis and narrative journalism by and for young people around the world on their Tumblr.  I encourage you to check it out, and if you believe in what they’re doing as much as I do, please support them by donating to their Indiegogo campaign.  {Young}ist has almost met their fundraising goal of $12,000, but if they fall even $1 short, they’ll lose it all.  Thanks in advance for your support of this important cause!

Pride, 2005

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